Monday, March 16, 2009

Some more Interesting Facts

  • Maison de Naissance is French for "House/Home of Birth".
  • The US Foundation office is in Kansas City, MO. They fund the programs of Maison de Naissance through private donors, family foundations and grants.
  • Because of the economy, donations has been slow for the last 2 months, and January-February typically are more slow than other times during the year.
  • They average about 125 new patients/per month; 303 Return Prenatal Visits per month for a total number of visits of 425/month; Family Planning visits about 25-30/month (women), and 45-40 deliveries per month. The MN Zone of service includes about 25,000 persons. They also screen ~ 150 patients for HIV/month. Well baby visits = ~125/month (includes exam and vaccinations).

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