Friday, January 15, 2010

Earthquake update

Here is some updated information provided by the Foundation.

"Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dear Friends:

We continue to hear devastating news from Haiti. You have reached out to us by sharing your concern, asking how to help, and seeking updates on MN and our cherished family and friends. Thank you for keeping MN and Haiti in the forefront of your thoughts. Please share this message with others who want to help during this unparalleled tragedy.

Our Haiti staff report that our facility, staff, and those we serve are still safe. However, they are bracing for the awesome challenges that lie ahead.

We need your financial support to maintain our daily operations. Medications, fuel, supplies and food - already difficult to obtain in Haiti - are becoming scarce. Prices for these essentials will skyrocket in the coming days, and they will become increasingly difficult to obtain. We must attempt to stay stocked and prepared, so we may continue to care for the mothers and babies who need our programs and services. Contributions to MN may be made on our web site at or mailed to our office at the address below.

There is also a significant need for financial support of emergency relief efforts in Haiti: food, water, shelter and medical services provided by trained volunteers and professionals. We suggest supporting organizations that are on the ground and poised to assist with these immediate relief efforts in and around Port au Prince:

American Red Cross:
Episcopal Relief and Development:
Partners in Health:

In response to your requests for updates, we offer the following blog site: We ask everyone to use the 'comment' feature to post their updates, questions, thoughts, and concerns. Maintaining this dialogue in a centralized location will allow easy and efficient access to multiple sources and ease e-mailbox congestion. MN will continue to add meaningful posts as we have more concrete updates to share.

Haiti needs you. MN needs you. There are countless ways to help, and we thank you for considering the options we have shared above. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and contributions, and for sharing this message. Let us be guided by Haiti's motto: L'union fait la force - unity is strength.

Staying Strong,
Your Friends at Maison de Naissance"

If you can, please give to any reputable organization at this time, the country needs you more than ever.

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